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April 2008

30 April 2008

In April-July, 2008 Мr. George Dimitrov, Mr. Bogdan Petrov, Partners at Dimitrov, Petrov & Co. Law Firm, and Ms. Desislava Krusteva, Associate at Dimitrov, Petrov & Co. Law Firm have been actively involved in the development of in-service training centers linked to the implementation of the acquis. The project is managed by the Institute of Public Administration and European Integration and is aimed at training public officials mainly in the information society acquis sector. As part of an experienced team of trainers, Mr. Dimitrov, Mr. Petrov and Ms. Krusteva have delivered lectures and prepared teaching materials on e-governance, electronic administrative services, e-signatures and e-documents. The trainings have been held in various regional centers throughout the country.***

On April 23, 2008 Mr. George Dimitrov, Partner at Dimitrov, Petrov & Co. Law Firm attended а conference entitled ‘Responsible to the Ideas of Others’, a joint initiative of the Ministry of Culture and Junior Achievement Bulgaria, an organization devoted to developing programs on free enterprise and economics for young people. The conference was held in Sofia. Its aim was to familiarize school students with the legal aspects of intellectual property and authorship rights protection so that they can fully appreciate the moral value of intellectual property and commit themselves to its protection. Mr. Dimitrov presented the legal framework in Bulgaria and the problems related to authorship rights protection on the internet. He also took part in a jury evaluating students’ resolution of a topical case.***

On April 17, 2008 Mr. George Dimitrov, Partner at Dimitrov, Petrov & Co. Law Firm was awarded for his contribution to the Doing Business Project of The World Bank/International Finance Corporation. Over the past three years he has completed a number of surveys concerning different areas of the Bulgarian legislation, thus contributing to the success of the Project. As an expression of gratitude to all contributors in Bulgaria an awards giving ceremony was held at the Vino Bar in Sofia. The ceremony was attended by the World Bank Country Director.***

On April 15, 2008 in Sarajevo Mr. George Dimitrov participated in a roundtable on ICT sector legislation in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The discussions covered topics such as transparency and best practices in ICT. Among the participants were representatives from the government, the World Bank and the Association for Information Technologies in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The event was held as part of a World Bank’s project on the development of ICT legislation in Bosnia and Herzegovina and enhancing the sector’s competitiveness. Mr. Dimitrov is a leading expert on this large-scale project for which he prepares an issue paper as well as an advocacy strategy.***

Mr. George Dimitrov, Partner at Dimitrov, Petrov & Co. Law Firm attended the European e-ID Card Conference in Leuven, Belgium in April 2008. The conference was held by EEMA, Europe’s independent e-identity and security association. EEMA’s primary aim is to inform around 130 member organizations on the latest developments and technologies in the field and to provide an open forum for discussion. The event was focused on current perspectives and initiatives in Europe. It reviewed the challenges to cross- border interoperability and the e-Card integration among others and included representatives from both the private and the public sector.***

In April 2008 the Executive Director of the National Revenue Agency (NRA) issued an instruction aimed at unifying the application of tax legislation throughout the country. According to the instruction, the income of natural persons registered as sole traders (ST), which does not originate from their main activity, shall be taxed by deducting the legally recognized expenses for their activity. The instruction of the Executive Director gives examples on cases when the provisions of art. 29 of the Personal Income Tax Act (PITA) can be applied with regard to the income of sole traders. It also states that in some cases the performance of an activity different from a sole trader’s – an activity performed in the capacity of a member of an election commission, for example - can be required under a normative act. That is why the Executive Director’s instruction states that it is acceptable for ST to fill in both Appendix 2 for their activity as ST and Appendix 3 for income from other economic activity in their annual tax returns.***

Mr. Hristo Nihrizov, Associate at Dimitrov, Petrov & Co. Law Firm read a lecture on “The Data Retention Concept and Its Implementation in Bulgaria” on the Fifth National Conference “Telecom Technologies and Services” which was held at the Sheraton Hotel, Sofia on April 2, 2008. It presented the current and future strategies and politics in the telecommunications field, the legislation framework for Bulgarian telecom enterprises, as well as the specifics of the fixed and mobile systems of a new generation. The event was launched by representatives of the State Agency for Information Technology and Communications and the Communications Regulation Commission and was visited by a great number of companies and consulting firms.***

On April 2, 2008 in issue 35 of the State Gazette a Finance Agreement (“Bulgaria – Transit Roads V” Project) was promulgated concluded between the Republic of Bulgaria through the Ministry of Finance and the European Investment Bank with headquarters in Luxembourg. According to the Finance Agreement the European Investment Bank shall grant a loan of EUR 380,000,000 to Bulgaria for the implementation of a project to the total value of EUR 705,000,000. For the provision of the rest of the necessary amount Bulgaria shall rely on own funds and/or other long-term financial support. The project involves construction, supervision, rehabilitation and upgrading of transit roads in the country and will be realized by the “Republican Road Network” Fund. ***

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