20 years together

April - June 2003

01 April 2003

Mr. Bogdan Petrov, Senior Partner at Dimitrov, Petrov & Co law firm, completed successfully the qualification course “Enterprise and Investment Lawyers Course”, Rome, 3-4th of July, organized by International Legal Development Organization (IDLO). Numerous educational modules such as “Structure of the Entrepreneurship”, “Management”, “Regulation of the Finance and Capital Market”, “Investment Framework of Business” etc were taught in the framework of the course. Participants were awarded with a certificate, after the completion of the course.

On the 27th and 28 of June, 2003 in Bucharest, Romania the seminar “Rights and Guarantees of the Taxpayers from the Human Rights Point of View”, organized by the Black Sea Countries Bars Association –ВСВА and the Union Internationale des Avocates – UIA, was held. In the framework of the seminar the BCBA initiative for education of young lawyers, approved at the BCBA General Assembly in Sofia, 2002 was renewed. Each of the delegations involved a young lawyer (up o 30 – years of age) so that contacts were established between the young members of the Bars, which contacts shall be used further as a base for the future events and initiatives. Mrs. Sonya Nikolova, Attorney-at-law, associate at Dimitrov, Petrov and Co in the area of tax law, participated in the delegation of the Sofia Bar Association.

Mr. George Dimitrov, Attorney-at-law was pointed out by the European Commission as a national expert to participate in a survey for the degree of transposition of the European E-signature Directive in Bulgarian legislation and preparation of proposal for amendment of the Directive, entrusted by the European Union

Mr. George Dimitrov, was invited as a member of the expert group at the Center for the Study of Democracy, which group aims to conduct survey of the opportunity an Uniform Register of the Legal Entities in Bulgaria to be created.
Mr. George Dimitrov, Senior Partner at Dimitrov, Petrov and Co was invited to take participation in the “Legal System and the Business in Bulgaria Forum”, opened by the Prime Minister Mr. Simeon Sax Cobourg Gota, personally. Representatives of the judicial system, members of the Parliaments, diplomats and businessman discussed the problems, arising in the relations between business, judicial instances and the methods for their solution.

In May a competition in civil and commercial law was held in the Faculty of Law of the Sofia University, were students of 3,4 and 5 grade took place. After the preliminary selection including a test in contract and real estate law, the admitted participants, presented orally the thesis of claimant and defendant. The first place in the competition took Alexander Todorov, Junior Associate in Dimitrov, Petrov and Co, together with his team.

At the 11 of April Mr. George Dimitrov, Attorney-at-law held a seminar “Electronic commerce. Electronic Signature. Legal aspects” before the students in the Law Faculty of the Sofia University.

On the 18 of April a seminar “Digital divide – possibilities and obstacles before Bulgaria’s participation in the new economy” organized by the Center for Economic Development. Together with the representatives of the Center for the Popularization of the Information Society, Center for the Economic Development and Econ.bg, Mr. Miroslav Ognyanov, Attorney-at-law and partner in Dimitrov, Petrov and Co presented the lecture “ Legal Framework of ICT in Bulgaria”

The first qualification seminar organized as a pilot project for the advancement of the qualification of the Bulgarian solicitors organized by the Supreme Bar Council in association with the American Bar Association/ Central European Initiative was held in April in Sofia, and was privy to the internal and international aspects of the commercial Law and practice. The event provoked considerable attention; therefore the event was repeated once again in Plovdiv. Mr. George Dimitrov, Senior Partner in Dimitrov, Petrov and Co took part as a lecturer, presenting the following topic: ”Electronic commerce. Electronic Signature. Legal Aspects.

In the framework of the seminar “Electronic Signature – Trust and Safety”, Kranevo, 25-26th of June, organized by the first registered PKI Trusted Third Party in Bulgaria “Information services”, Mrs. Mika Ivanova, Associate in Dimitrov Petrov and Co presented a lecture concerning the legal regime of the electronic signatures.

On the 9, 10 and 11th of April in Triavna a seminar under the title “ Current problems of the Civil Procedure” organized by the CIBI publishing house. General overview of the amendments in the Civil Procedure Code, adopted in the end of 2002, was done by Mrs Ruja Ivanova, while the peculiarities of the consideration and resolving labour issues were scrutinized by professor Vasil Mrachkov. The Supreme Cassation Courts Judges Tania Rajkovska and Borislav Belazelkov summarized the court’s practice as regards to many issues of the proceedings for registration and the executive proceedings, which were of a particular interest to the participants. Active part in the discussion was taken by the representatives of Dimitrov, Petrov and Co Law Firm – Mrs. Alexandrina Gigova, Mrs.Sonya Nikolova and Mr. George Lalov

Mr.George Dimitrov, Attorney-at-Law took active part in the Forth National Law Seminar “Law and Practice”, Albena, 12-18 July. The lecturers presented to the public up to date issues in the sphere of finance law, commercial law, labour law, social security law and civil procedures. « Previous  Next »