20 years together

DPC advised the spin-off of the infrastructure from the retail business of Telenor

10 July 2020

A team of Dimitrov, Petrov & Co. (DPC)’s telecom, corporate, and banking & finance law experts, led by Hristo Nihrizov, provided legal assistance for the structuring and successful implementation of probably the biggest spin-off in Bulgaria in the last few years and advised on all legal and regulatory aspects of the transaction.

The project is part of an even larger corporate restructuring of PPF Telecom Group’s telecom business in South East Europe that was completed just a few days ago. The work included structuring a new entity - the tower company CETIN Bulgaria - which has become the owner of the entire infrastructure of Telenor Bulgaria and transferring the ownership of the network, including a portfolio of several thousand owned or leased sites, towers and other properties together with all backbone telecom and energy infrastructure. 

DPC’s telecom experts advised the transferring of a permission for use of spectrum, through a complex procedure that had never been applied before in Bulgaria as well as the structuring of the relationship between Telenor and CETIN going forward.  


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