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Hristo Nihrizov lecturing at a seminar on the practical application of PSD2 and Payment Services and Payment Systems Act

27 May 2019

DPC’s leading expert in banking, media and technology law Hristo Nihrizov was a full-day lecturer at a workshop on the practical application of PSD2 and the Payment Services and Payment Systems Act which took place in Sofia on May 20, 2019.

During his lecture, Hristo Nihrizov focused on some of the requirements regarding the activities of the payment institutions by providing practical legal and business guidelines for solving the main issues related to the implementation of the PSD2.

Hristo also emphasized the importance of the protection of personal data and consumer rights, as well as the need to secure the various types of payment services.

The seminar was attended by experts in the field of payment systems, service providers, FinTech sector representatives, as well as consumers and legal counsels practicing in the field of payment services.

Hristo Nihrizovispartner at Dimitrov, Petrov and Co. law firm (DPC) and a senior legal expert at the Law and Internet Foundation. He heads the Banking and Finance law practice group of DPC and specializes in payment services, cyber security, personal data protection, electronic services and electronic identification, by providing assistance and guidance to clients in their digital transformation projects.


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