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Kindergartens and schools may now be located in existing buildings

07 October 2020

In early September amendments were promulgated to Ordinance No. РД-02-20-3 of December 21st, 2015 for design, execution and maintenance of buildings for public service in the field of education and science, healthcare, culture and arts (the “Ordinance”). The amendments constitute a regulatory expression of the public need for more flexible design and construction of childcare facilities and schools.

Prior to the adoption of the amendments, only the construction of childcare facilities as separate buildings in allocated for this purpose land plots has been regulated. According to the amendments, a childcare facility may now be designed in a part of an existing or newly designed building, where it is located in developed urban areas with existing infrastructure and in compliance with health, fire and educational regulations. In those cases, childcare facilities shall meet several basic functional and planning requirements.

Firstly, when designing childcare facilities in a non-residential building, their premises shall be located on the first two above-ground floors, the administrative premises - on the third floor, and the service rooms -  on the underground or semi-underground floor, with a direct connection to the premises of the kindergarten.

Secondly, when designing childcare facilities in a residential building, their premises shall be located on the first above-ground floor; it is allowed for the service rooms to be located on the semi-underground or underground floor, with a direct connection to the premises of the childcare facilities.

Thirdly, for childcare facilities located in a part of a building, at least one separate entrance shall be designed.

The necessity for regulatory amendments has occurred due to the ever-growing need for additional kindergartens and nurseries, for which there are no terrains in major cities. In addition, the amendments are in accordance with the fact that a large number of childcare facilities are already located in parts of buildings without any explicit regulation.

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