20 years together

March - May 2006

01 March 2006

In March 2006 started the elaboration of the Road map for the development of the electronic government in Bulgaria 2006 – 2009, which should lay down the basic projects and actions that is necessarily to be undertaken by the state administration for the realization of the Strategy for E-government. Leader of the work group working out the Road map for the development of the electronic government in Bulgaria 2006 – 2009 is Mr. George Dimitrov.***

In March 2006, the Communications Regulation Commission issued a license for supplying certification services to “Spectar” AD. In that way four companies in Bulgaria already are able to issue certificates for advanced electronic signature.***

In March a workshop on the project PropEur on a subject “Intellectual property law and information society” was held. Within the event Mr. Miroslav Ognyanov and Monika Kopcheva, PhD, from Dimitrov, Petrov and Co. presented lectures on the following topics: “Legal framework of the intellectual property protection on the Internet in Bulgaria” and “Management of digital rights”. The workshop on the European project ProEur is a joint initiative of the University in Birmingham and the Sofia University.***

In April 2006 an expert workgroup started drafting the Electronic Governance Act for the Ministry of the State Administration and Administrative Reform. Leader of the work group is Mr. George Dimitrov. It is foreseen that the drafted act shall give the legal framework on providing administrative services to citizens by electronic way.***

In April 2006 the Commercial Register Act (promulgated, SG, number 34 from 25 April 2006) which establishes an entirely new legal regime of the commercial registration was passed and promulgated. In the drafting of the Commercial Register Act, Mr. George Dimitrov, senior partner at Dimitrov, Petrov and Co. Law Firm, took part as an independent expert to the Law Commission of the 40-th National Assembly.***

In April 2006 the draft of the Electronic Communications Act was published for public discussions. The Electronic Communications Act should transpose the new European regulatory framework 2003 of the electronic communication sector.***

In April Mr. George Dimitrov became a member of the Public Council for contest against the harmful and illegal content in the Bulgarian Internet space. Among the main tasks of the Council is the deliberation of a plan for a national information campaign for contest against the illegal and harmful content on the Internet, deliberation on establishment of a hot line for contest, rules for security for children on the Internet and a guide for parents.***

In April in Toronto, Canada, the Annual meeting of Meritas (http://meritas.org) – an international association of independent law firms and lawyers was held. Mr. George Dimitrov and Mr. Alexander Todorov took part in the meeting as representatives of Dimitrov, Petrov and Co. Law Firm. From the beginning of the year Dimitrov, Petrov and Co. Law Firm is a member of Meritas for Bulgaria. Within the meeting Mr. Alexander Todorov, partner in Dimitrov, Petrov and Co. was accepted in the Meritas Leadership Institute.***

In April Mr. Miroslav Ognyanov, partner in Dimitrov, Petrov and Co. took part in the 17th Annual conference on communication and competition law, organized by the International Bar Association, which was held in Istanbul, Turkey.***

In May a workshop on the introduction of the Cyber Crimes Convention was held on initiative of the Council of Europe and the Ministry of Justice. The purpose of the workshop was the estimation of the stage of implementation of the requirements of the Convention in the national legislation as well as exchange of good practices and proposals for improvement of the legal regulation. Monika Kopcheva, PhD, from Dimitrov, Petrov and Co. Law Firm took part in the workshop.***

Monika Kopcheva, PhD, from Dimitrov, Petrov and Co. took part as a lecturer in the organized by ABA/CEELI conference “Investigation of the computer crimes against children”, as well as in a training for prosecutors, investigators, inspectors and officers from the National Service for Contest with the Organized Crime with subject “Online deceits and larceny of identity”.***« Previous  Next »