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Martin Zahariev, PhD, commented on the crash of the Commercial Register in the morning block of Bloomberg TV “Business start”

17 August 2018

The hot topic of the recent week – the crash in the system of the Commercial Register – was the occasion for the appearing of Martin Zahariev, PhD in the morning block of Bloomberg TV “Business start”.
Martin Zahariev, PhD is a privacy & data protection expert at Dimitrov, Petrov & Co. Law Firm and at Law and Internet Foundation.
He presented his practical advice on the need of implementing preventive measures and rapid response in similar cases. These are complex and multi-level measures that include ensuring adequate resources, action plan development, personnel training and investments in modern informational technologies.
How is the personal data of the citizens protected in the Commercial Register? You can find the answer to this and to other questions on the topic in the  interview with Mr. Zahariev, PhD on the following link.


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