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October 2009

01 October 2009

The Act for Amendment and Supplement to the Bulgarian Identity Documents Act was promulgated in SG, issue 82 dated October 16, 2009. The adoption of the changes is due to the necessity for introduction of a differentiated approach regarding the regulation of separate groups of documents in compliance with the approved European standards and specific security criteria, stipulated in Regulation 2252/2004 and Regulation 1030/2002 of the Council of the European Union.

The Act regulates three groups of documents according to their purpose – identity documents, driving certificates and sojourn documents, while specifying the order for their issuance and their validity, the issuing body, etc. The new taxonomy introduced requires a change in the terminology used - the term “identity documents” is replaced with “personal documents”, including in the title of the Act.

The Act is harmonized with the EU requirements regarding the use of the uniform format of sojourn permits of third-country citizens and in this relation sojourn documents are divided into two groups – sojourn permits of foreigners and sojourn documents of EU citizens.

The order for issuing an identity card of 14-year old children, who are accommodated in social homes, is regulated. A change with regard to the data contained in applications for issuance of the separate types of documents is stipulated, the compulsory administrative measures are updated and the normative regulation concerning the technology on issuing Bulgarian personal documents is specified.


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