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Pencho Stanchev: Price may not be the most important criteria when choosing an electricity supplier

28 October 2020

Pencho Stanchev, Senior Associate and co-head of the Energy Law Practice Group of Dimitrov, Petrov & Co. (DPC) took part in an online discussion on the Pros and Cons of the Free Energy Market, held on 26 October 2020.

The discussion, organized by Investor.bg with the participation of professionals from the energy industry, aimed to answer some current questions related to the mass transfer of non-household electricity consumers to the free electricity market.

Mr. Stanchev advised consumers to pay attention to all provisions of the contracts they sign, as the choice of a supplier based solely on the seemingly better price may turn out more expensive in the long run. Also, consumers should have in mind that the change of supplier takes effect no sooner than on the 10th of the following month.

As regards the criteria for choosing a supplier, Mr. Stanchev pointed out that the information currently available on the website of the Energy and Water Regulatory Commission is rather insufficient. However, the online platform that EWRC should build by the end of 2020 is going to enable clients to compare the offers of different suppliers.

The whole discussion with more valuable insights is available here


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