20 years together

September-October 2002

01 September 2002

On the 20th of September George Dimitrov, one of the managing partners of Dimitrov, Petrov& Co participated at the round table “Legal Reform in Bulgaria: Opportunities for Development of Modern Registration System” organized by the Center for Democracy Research. The event concentrated on the Program for Development of the Legal Reform adopted by the Council of Ministers, which program devotes special attention to the registers of the judicial persons kept at the city courts as well as to the land registers. The round table is part of the project of the Centre for Democracy Research “Legal Reform in Bulgaria: Opportunities for Development of Modern Registration System”, which is being implemented with the financial aid of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs within the framework of the Plan for Development of the Countries Candidates for EU Membership.

The lawyers of Dimitrov, Petrov and Co, George Dimitrov, Bogdan Petrov, Miroslav Ognyanov, Milka Ivanova and Alexander Todorov joined the Balkan Legal Forum, an initiative organized by the Foundation on Legal Development under the caption “The Role of the Legal Profession for the Stability and Economic Growth”. The forum took place on September 25 – 27 with the participation of 157 legal professionals representing 24 countries.

On October 4th public discussion on the Draft Law for the Telecommunications took part at the National Palace of Culture, where Bogdan Petrov, Attorney-at-law and George Dimitrov, Attorney-at-law took part as moderators. The event was organized by the Committee on Information Technologies at the President of the Republic of Bulgaria, the American Bar Association / CEELI, the Bulgarian Association for Information Technologies and the Bulgarian Association for Internet with the assistance of Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications.

George Dimitrov, Attorney-at-law was among the delegates of the International Bar Association (IBA) Annual Conference, which took part in October 20-25th. More than 3000 representatives of the legal profession attended this unique event held in Durban, South Africa, where within the framework of 100 sessions for 5 days they were acquainted with a wide range of topical legal problems and took advantage of the opportunity to establish contacts and exchange experience with colleagues from all over the world.

Since October Dimitrov, Petrov and Co is a member of the International Jurist Consul Alliance (JCA International) – a network of independent legal consultants and attorneys experienced in providing legal services to large international companies. Dimitrov, Petrov and Co is the only Bulgarian legal firm, which is a member of the International Jurist Consul Alliance. The activities of the organization are mainly concentrated in Europe, where it is present in more than 20 countries.

The article “Legal Regime of the Activity of the Internet Providers in Bulgaria” written by our colleague Miroslav Ognyanov, Attorney-at-law was published under the heading of “E-commerce” edited by the lawyers of Dimitrov, Petrov and Co in the “Market and Law” magazine. The publication treats the ISP’s status in Bulgaria, their rights and obligations, as well as some interesting problems with a view to the legislation in force. In the October issue of “Market and Law” magazine the article “Users protection upon distant entering into contracts in Internet” of Milka Ivanova, Attorney-at-law was published. The material puts emphasis on the necessity for adoption of specific norms to protect the users in the process of e-commerce.

Our colleagues Alexandrina Gigova, Attorney-at-law and George Lalov, Attorney-at-law participated at the “Intellectual Property” seminar organized in September as part of the EU BSP program and a continuation of the series of seminars implemented by BAIT with leading European experts. The lecturers, recognized specialists in the sphere of copyright, industrial design and patents introduced the participants to the European experience as well as to some recent copyright cases.

Alexandrian Gigova, Attorney-at-law joined a symposium organized in October by the Bulgarian National Group of AIPPI (world organization engaged with the problems of the intellectual property). The event treated some topical issues concerning the exercising of the intellectual and industrial property rights. In front of foreign and Bulgarian guest the organizers presented different points of view concerning problems of the intellectual property. A comparison of the court practice in Bulgaria and the EU countries was made. « Previous  Next »