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Publications: Rositsa Vasileva

On Electronic Documents and Their Practical Application in Modern Business Relations

Download:vasileva-r-zahariev-m-za-elektronnite-dokumenti-i-prakticheskoto-im-prilojenie-v-savremennite-biznes-otnosheniia.pdf (PDF, 522.82 kb)

Authors:Assoc. Prof. Martin Zahariev, PhD, Rositsa Vasileva

Subject:ICT Law. Privacy and Data Protection

Published at:http://epi.bg/

Edition:Commercial and Contractual Law Digest, 2021, book 01, p. 24

Over the last decade there has been a constant trend towards digitalization of many traditional processes in business organizations. This trend has accelerated dramatically in recent months due to the anti-epidemic measures introduced against the COVID-19 pandemic, which have led to the mass introduction of remote work (where possible), remote business meetings, negotiations and signing of contract, etc. Perhaps the most important of these processes is the document flow of the organization, i.e. the creation, signing, exchange and storage of documents both inside the organization (e.g. documents created in connection with the work process) and outside it (e.g. documents connected to relations with suppliers, contractors, business partners and potential ones). However, with the introduction of concepts such as contract, concluded remotely, electronic statement (e-statement), electronic document (e-document) and electronic signature (e-signature), many questions arise, as well as fears that the new digital being of documents is not able to guarantee the interests of legal entities in the same way as the good old paper document. This analysis aims to examine the issues of the legal value and importance of e-documents in the context of commercial and civil law.

*The publication is in Bulgarian.

On the Types of Electronic Signatures and Their Practical Application in Modern Business Relations

Download:vasileva-r-zahariev-m-za-vidovete-elektronni-podpisi-i-prakticheskoto-im-prilojenie-v-savremennite-biznes-otnosheniia.pdf (PDF, 541.35 kb)

Authors:Assoc. Prof. Martin Zahariev, PhD, Rositsa Vasileva

Subject:ICT Law. Privacy and Data Protection

Published at:http://epi.bg/

Edition:Commercial and Contractual Law Digest, 2020, book 11, p. 34

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly accelerated digitalisation in all spheres of public life. Many companies have had to move to remote work with almost no preparation, limit their physical meetings with current and potential contractors, and switch fully or partly to electronic document turnover. Some questions were urgently raised of how one can sign remotely, so that the various business processes in the organizations would not be blocked and at the same time a certain level of legal certainty would be achieved, which would guarantee the rights and interests of those signing remotely. Although the legal framework of the electronic document and the electronic signature is not new, but has been operating in Bulgaria and the EU for years, it turned out to be insufficiently familiar and clear for most of the companies. This is the main reason for this analysis, which aims to explore the different possibilities for electronic signing of documents in the ordinary course of business of private entities.

*This publication is in Bulgarian.

Combating the second wave in COVID cases across Europe: Restrictions in place and new support measures for companies and employees

Author:Rositsa Vasileva

Subject:Employment and Social Security Law

Published at:https://www.meritas.org/

Europe is facing the rise of the second Covid wave with a new series of restrictions and lockdowns. Rositsa Vasileva and her colleagues from the Meritas European Employment Group provide a useful overview of these restrictions, along with the relevant support measures, covering 14 countries.

Covid-19 pandemic: The reactions of competition authorities to the Covid-19 pandemic – an IBA contribution

Download:antitrust-may-2020-covid19-matrix.pdf (PDF, 3.41 mb)

Authors:Zoya Todorova, Rositsa Vasileva

Subject:Competition Law

Published at:https://www.ibanet.org/COVID-19/Home.aspx

Zoya Todorova, Partner, and Rositsa Vasileva, Associate at Dimitrov, Petrov & Co. (DPC), have contributed to an extensive survey conducted by the International Bar Association Antitrust Committee. The survey, covering 44 jurisdictions worldwide, aimed to examine the ways in which the overnight change of the global reality affected the antitrust world, by gathering in a single document a compilation of competition agency reactions to the Covid-19 pandemic.


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