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Publications: Intellectual Property Law

How to register and protect copyrights, patents, trade and service marks in Bulgaria

Author:Bilyana Angelova

Topic:Intellectual Property Law

Published at:Thomson Reuters Westlaw

Edition:World Intellectual Property Rights and Remedies, Release 2018-3

This publication has been realized in collaboration with the Center for International Legal Studies – a non-profit law research, training, and teaching institute the essential purpose of which is to promote and disseminate knowledge among members of the international legal community, with many initiatives addressed to the young lawyers.

Trademark Protection against Unfair Registration of Domain Names

Download:dpco-trademark-protection-against-unfair-registration-of-domain-names-bg.pdf (PDF, 440.71 kb)

Author:Martin Zahariev, PhD

Topic:Intellectual Property Law

Published at:http://computerworld.bg/


* The publication is in Bulgarian.

Интелектуалната собственост в университетите – Творчеството: Следващото поколение

Author:Prof. Dr. George Dimitrov

Topic:Intellectual Property Law

Published at:За буквите – „О писменехь“

Edition:Интелектуалната собственост в XXI век: Българският опит в творческите и информационни индустрии

Защита на авторските права в Интернет

Author:Prof. Dr. George Dimitrov

Topic:Intellectual Property Law

Published at:Издателство Технически университет, София

Edition:Мениджмънт на проекти в информационните технологии

Model for Evaluation, Protection and Management of Intellectual Property in Technology Transfer – Practical Steps

Download:model-for-evaluation-protection-and-management-of-ip-in-technology-transfer.pdf (PDF, 335.83 kb)

Authors:Prof. Dr. George Dimitrov, Emil Tumbev

Topic:Intellectual Property Law

Published at:Sofia University

Edition:Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics

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