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Publications: Encho Simeonov

European Guide to Debt Collection - Bulgaria

Auteur:Encho Simeonov

Sujet:Dispute resolution

Publié dans:www.meritas.org

Edition:European Guide to Debt Collection

On the Correlation between the Concepts of Insolvency and Overindebtedness

Télécharger:dpco-on-the-correlation-between-the-concepts-of-insolvency-and-overindebtedness.pdf (PDF, 546.24 kb)

Auteurs:Encho Simeonov, Martin Zahariev, PhD

Sujet:Corporate Law. Mergers & Acquisitions

Publié dans:http://www.epi.bg/

Edition:Book 11, December 2016

* The publication is in Bulgarian.

Analysis Of Problems Related To The Admission Of The Security Measure "Distraints On Bank Accounts" By Consecutive Imposing Of Distraints

Télécharger:dpco-distraints-on-bank-accounts.pdf (PDF, 335.63 kb)

Auteurs:Encho Simeonov, Tsvetelina Georgieva

Sujet:Dispute resolution

Publié dans:Martindale-Hubbell®

Non-Declaration Of Insolvency By The Manager Of A Trade Company As Grounds For Criminal Liability – Practical Problems

Télécharger:article-crimes-against-creditors-bg.pdf (PDF, 313.88 kb)

Auteurs:Encho Simeonov, Martin Zahariev, PhD

Sujet:Dispute resolution

Publié dans:“Labour and law“ Publishing house

The text is in Bulgarian.

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