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Publications: Tsvetelina Georgieva

Advantages in Seeking Preliminary Security Measures Against a Debtor in Bulgaria

Télécharger:dpco-advantages-in-seeking-preliminary-security-measures-against-a-debtor-in-bulgaria-12-09-2016.pdf (PDF, 351.48 kb)

Auteur:Tsvetelina Georgieva

Sujet:Dispute resolution

Publié dans:IBA Litigation Committee

Edition:IBA Litigation Committee Newsletter September 2016

Disputable Aspects Regarding the Seat of Arbitration under Bulgarian Law

Télécharger:dpco-disputable-aspects-of-the-seat-of-the-arbitration.pdf (PDF, 490.34 kb)

Auteurs:Martin Zahariev, PhD, Tsvetelina Georgieva

Sujet:Dispute resolution

Publié dans:Kluwer Arbitration Blog

Analysis Of Problems Related To The Admission Of The Security Measure "Distraints On Bank Accounts" By Consecutive Imposing Of Distraints

Télécharger:dpco-distraints-on-bank-accounts.pdf (PDF, 335.63 kb)

Auteurs:Encho Simeonov, Tsvetelina Georgieva

Sujet:Dispute resolution

Publié dans:Martindale-Hubbell®

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