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Requirements and Restrictions to Cash Operations, Cash Transportation and Payment in Cash

Télécharger:dpco-article-on-requirements-and-restrictions-to-cash-operations-cash-transportation-and-payment-in-cash-en.pdf (PDF, 472.41 kb)

Sujet:Banking & Financial Law

Publié dans:Meritas

How the revised PSD2 directive will impact payment services in Bulgaria?

Télécharger:payments-compliance-10-11-2015.pdf (PDF, 74.52 kb)

Auteur:Hristo Nihrizov

Sujet:Banking & Financial Law

Publié dans:Payments Compliance

The 2000 Bulgarian Foreign Exchange Act Examined

Télécharger:99.pdf (PDF, 396.07 kb)

Auteur:Prof. Dr. George Dimitrov

Sujet:Banking & Financial Law

Publié dans:Eastern European Newsletter

Edition:December 2000

Reproduced with permission of the International Bar Association, London. © International Bar Association. This article was first published in Eastern European Newsletter, December 2000. For further information, please visit http://www.ibanet.org/publications/Publications_home.cfm

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