Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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AI is a game changer. It will revolutionize the way we live, have fun, do business, work or interact with each other and the surrounding environment. Our long-standing expertise in technology law enables us to support our clients with the complex issues involved in the production, deployment and usage of AI in an ever-complicating regulatory landscape.  

Key contacts

  • Doing business with AI: Identification of key commercial opportunities and issues when developing, procuring, launching and using AI systems and guidance through the process
  • Multifaceted AI: Legal risks analysis of creating, procuring, deploying and using AI technologies from different regulatory perspectives such as data protection, IP, cyber security, ESG, employment, consumer protection, safety of products
  • Responsible AI: Preparation, revision and implementation of internal AI policies, rules and procedures
  • Regulatory compliant AI: AI risk level determination. Preparation of documentation for procuring and deploying AI systems such as data protection and human rights impact assessments
  • AI and the Internet: Legal aspects of web scraping & data mining. Strategies for online protection
  • AI protection and enforcement: Emergency response to regulatory inquiries and investigations of AI products, policies and ethics. Representation before authorities
  • AI related litigation: Product liability, intellectual property, privacy and discrimination disputes
  • AI awareness: Training and educational resources for enhancing management, personnel and customers understanding of the legal implications of AI technologies

Navigating and Benefiting from AI

Implementing AI in business and daily life poses various dilemmas and risks. We can provide a comprehensive range of legal services tailored to the unique challenges and opportunities presented by AI technologies. These services include advising on regulatory compliance, including large language models, image recognition systems, autonomous vehicles or others and ensuring that AI systems adhere to evolving local and international laws.
DPC can also prepare various risk assessments to identify and mitigate potential legal issues associated with the deployment of AI systems, to draft internal policies for responsible usage of AI or to conduct legal trainings to raise the awareness regarding this technology.

So You Can Be Ready for Tomorrow

By providing various services, DPC supports clients in handling the complexities of AI technology, fostering innovation, and ensuring legal compliance. DPC assists clients in reviewing agreements to facilitate the commercial use and development of AI technologies. Our experts can draft and negotiate contracts, such as licensing agreements, joint ventures and partnership agreements, to facilitate the commercial use and development of these technologies. We can advise you how to defend your websites from web scraping and data mining. We can also represent clients in litigation and dispute resolution involving AI.

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