Data Breach Response Team

One-stop-shop in case of data breaches

Controllers have an obligation to submit a data breach notification to the supervisory authority within 72 hours of becoming aware of the event. Our dedicated and experienced Data Breach Response Team ensures timely and comprehensive assistance at every step of the process.

Key contacts

  • Timely assistance with the preparation of data breach notifications
  • Breach analysis and risk level assessment in accordance with applicable methodology
  • Comprehensive legal assistance in going through the entire inspection procedure before the supervisory authority
  • Representation during on-site inspections
  • Assisting global corporate groups regarding coordinated notifications to supervisory authorities in multiple countries
  • Coordinating notifications with global company teams and subsequent communication with the supervisory authorities
  • Legal representation before the supervisory authority and competent courts
  • Assisting companies in taking measures to comply with the supervisory authority orders

No time to waste

DPC's Data Breach response team assists controllers in navigating the challenging process of identifying data breaches. Companies only have 72 hours to notify the Bulgarian Data Protection Commission. If the incident has an international element, foreign supervisory authorities may also need to be notified. At DPC, we have the practical experience and knowledge to ensure this process is carried out smoothly and successfully.

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„Thank you for this really good news. Excellent!“ – Data Protection Officer of a global group company

Assessing the risk level in the data breach notification is a key element in this process. Often, after the notification, the supervisory authority requires additional data to be provided within a short timeframe, such as information and clarification on the categories of data and data subjects affected, the measures taken within the 72 hours deadline after becoming aware and much more.

We are familiar with the specific methodology for the assessment of the risk level and can assist you in the preparation of this important information.

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